Elana B. Author of Children's Books

A multi award-winning writer, speaker, and internationally published author,  Elana B. has spent over twenty years refining the craft she is most passionate about. . .the power of the written word. 

In 2002, Elana founded Loving Tributes Books and Gifts, and followed shortly thereafter with Kids Creative Exploration (KCE). KCE is a literacy and arts program that honors school-age children (k-12) with awards for creativity, ingenuity and caring while building cultural awareness and positive communications.

Elana has written in many genres and has worn a myriad of hats as a creative artist…from author and advertiser, to editor, proofreader and creative writing teacher, to ghostwriter, director, producer and screenwriter. However, it is her journey studying health, wellness,  holistic healing, as well as spiritual development, that keeps her grounded. Her belief that to create a healthy mind, body, and soul you must first strengthen core beliefs, be true to oneself, and cultivate healthy relationships, has inspired her to blend literary fantasy with moral values in a fun, adventure-filled and educational way.  

Elana studied psychology while working on an undergraduate degree in Communications, followed by a master’s program in screenwriting. Elana continued her studies in the arts as well as health and wellness with an emphasis on the mind, body, soul connection. Through professional endeavors and life experiences, she has continued to refine her understanding of the human condition. Having dedicated much of her life practicing the principles she has learned through study and writing, Elana has examined the psychology of nature versus nurture and what transpires in the “early years of development.” She holds a deep appreciation for how early life experiences, attachments, and knowledge of one’s social interaction, genetic background, and heritage cumulatively shape and impact a person’s self-view and relationships into adulthood.

For this reason, Elana has created ‘Too Terribly Busy‘ and the ‘Too Terribly’ Series of Children through Young Adult Books. Each book weaves fun, excitement, adventure, morals and manners with a resounding message of self-worth, confidence, and kindness in the face of adversity.

The first book in the series delves into the importance of time and how our choices affect those we love. As the series continues, each book delves into either the complexities of nurture versus nature, the fight or flight response, or how to overcome obstacles that peer pressure, biological predispositions, and societal influence place on our youth. Check out this Too Terribly Busy sneak peek

Over the course of her writing career, Elana has written under a variety of pseudonyms; some of this writing, photography, and artwork can be viewed or purchased on this Web Site, or may be directed to other venues where her work is available.

Other projects and causes Elana supports

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