Three Strikes But I’m Not Out


ISBN: 978-0-9989354-4-7

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Since the events of the last book in the series, My Brother is a Stinky Brat, the two brothers have grown up a little. However, some things haven’t changed, like the younger brother Jacob giving his older brother a hard time. How do you stay calm when your annoying little brother just won’t quit? Would it really be so bad to get back at him, even just once?

The lesson in this story is that family needs to stick together, through thick and thin. Even if your family members try to drive you batty, it’s important to stick by their side because nothing is more important. Suitable reading: Grades 4-6



All these thoughts are rushing through me

As Jacob steals my baseball cap.

It seems like getting along with him,

Is a sneaky, little trap.

Sometimes we start to play a game

And things are seeming fun.

Then Jacob throws his cards around,

Or steals the dice and runs.

My brother once stuck toothpaste

On the toilet seat,

And poured goo on my door handle,

Just to be a creep.

Praise for Three Strikes But I’m Not Out


Three Strikes But I’m Not Out is a fresh, witty, and poetically written tale of a child’s frustration regarding the unpleasantness of an unfair, unjust world and the rise to triumph by choosing to ignore the pull of negative emotions… Whether it’s a short story, novel or a poetic short, Elana B. is a talented and world class storyteller.

P. Apatow – Children’s Poetic Book Review

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