Praise for Too Terribly Busy

A delightful and entertaining children’s story with enough power to destroy a kingdom and bring a family to its knees in order to learn an important lesson.

“Elana is a fantastic writer, whatever genre she writes in. She is imaginative, creative, and writes characters that are mesmerizing. Elana is also a beautiful soul. Any writing she creates would be considered among the best. With ‘Too Terribly Busy’ Elana has done a splendid job.”

Michael Mehas – Award-winning writer

Michael Mehas is the award-winning author of Stolen Boy and AP of the film Alpha Dog, based off of Stolen Boy and starring Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis, and Sharon Stone.


Children’s Poetic Book Review

THREE STRIKES BUT I’M NOT OUT is a fresh, witty, and poetically written tale of a child’s frustration regarding the unpleasantness of an unfair, unjust world and the rise to triumph by choosing to ignore the pull of negative emotions.

“Whether it’s a short story, novel or a poetic short, Elana B. is a talented and world class storyteller.”

P. Apatow – Children’s Poetic Book Review

Speaking Review

“Elana is a superb speaker whose thorough knowledge creating multi-faceted and in-depth characters, as well as outlining and structuring novels, short stories, and screenplays is top-notch. This is complemented by her witty and charming yet authoritative style of delivery. She is a true professional, wonderful to work with and able to handle anything that comes her way. We look forward to working with her again.”

N. Adams – Writer’s Vantage Point

Evermore – Fiction Review

EVERMORE is a literary love ballad that traces the heart and fills it with wonder, joy, and sorrow. Passion fills the reader with every emotion that love, in its truest form, conveys. Elana B., writing as E. Jacobs, set the bar high. “

B. Finch – Editor – Summerville Literary

Writing Review

“Elana B. is a talented, insightful and engaging writer who can immerse a reader in any story she is weaving. Her characters simply come to life in a brilliant and realistic way.”

B. Little – Book Reviewer – E Weekly

Fiction Reviews

Blanketed in secrets and the impact of betrayal, NO STONE UNTURNED is a love story, a mystery, and an action suspense thrill ride that touches on the depth of love and what one is willing to risk to have it all.

“Elana B.’s writing is a masterful blend of the intricacies of love, realism and great storytelling.”

M. Torres – Fiction Reviews

Writing Review
You Quack Me Up – Funnies for Anyone

You Quack Me Up is hilarious! Elana B. can write anything: comedy, children’s books, action, suspense—there is no stopping her. Truly a gifted writer.”

Dave Wallis – Comedy Book Reviews

Writing, Screenwriting and Editing Review

“I readily recommend Elana as a professional who is diligent, thorough and experienced in the entertainment industry. She has much experience in reading scripts and offering support. Her discerning eye picks up any errors and her suggestions are first-rate. I appreciate her for her creative ideas as much as for her experience and professionalism.”

Richard Allen – Director at City Pound Production

Richard Allen went to New York as a writer and actor with Channel One Underground TV, which later became the hit movie The Groove Tube.  His short films have shown at film festivals worldwide and on PBS. He’s been awarded fellowships in film from the National Endowment for the Arts twice, as well as a New York CAPS fellowship. He is an author, photographer, director, and filmmaker. The comedy Side By Each [2008] was his first feature film. He is editing now a 75 minute documentary called Over 100 Years in the Making. His next feature film project is a comedy script called Small Potatoes [Petite Pommes de Terre].


Writing and Business Professional Review

“Outstanding individual with an amazing work ethic. Elana comes with my highest recommendations. She is always looking for new ideas to assist her clients and business partners. I admire her for her creative work and willingness to “give first.” You would do yourself a favor to align yourself with Elana as I have.”

Carl White – Founder of The Marketing Animals

Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Screenwriting and Ghostwriting Professional Review

“Elana is a very detailed, creative individual that is able to drive several projects at once and with ease. She possesses strong communications skills and a knack for technology, which makes working with her a pleasure.  When you work with her she goes over and beyond to make sure she delivers as promised, which in this world of questionable ethics and short-term thinking, is a breath of fresh air. She is very helpful and will earn your trust with her valuable insights about marketing and her ability to write effective content. Elana is also a prolific screenwriter and ghostwriter.”

Gregory A Boris – Sales and Marketing Professional

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