The Petty Prince


ISBN: 978-0-9989354-5-4

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Petty Prince Peter is the richest and most powerful rabbit in all of Cottonville, but no one wants to be his friend because he is too greedy and unkind! However, Miss Betty Bunny, one of the many rabbits who works for Prince Peter, has a plan that she hopes will teach him an important lesson. Can Betty and her friends help the petty prince learn how to share and care for others?

This story teaches children the importance of empathy and how sharing can feel good. With several full-color illustrations and some extra vocabulary words, this is another educational and entertaining story from Elana B. Suitable reading: Grades 1-4 


Illustration 5 Petty Prince

Miss Betty Bunny wondered what she had done that was so wrong and that would make Prince Peter so mad.

“I am sorry. I should have told you why I wanted the roses. They are Doctor Domore’s mother’s favorite.”

“Why do I care?” Petty Prince Peter grumbled. “Why should I give up my beautiful roses that smell as good as a fresh garden after the rain?”

“I thought it would be a nice thing to do,” replied Miss Betty Bunny.

“You thought? Who told you to think? You have a simple job, Betty, for a simple mind.” Petty Prince Peter turned up his nose and looked down it at Miss Betty Bunny with his mean little eyes.

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