Sneak Peak – Pumpkin Nubbin Town

pntcoverEveryone likes Nubbins. There seems to be no one around who doesn’t. All of the animals, the birds, and even the trees which grow so tall  like the Nubbins. The trees? That’s right. Because. . .  in the Land of Pumpkins, even the trees can speak.  Some of the trees are old and wise as can be.

There is old Mr. Oak Tree and little Miss Elm. There is fat Weepy Willow and grumpy old Mr. Plum, and sweet Mrs. Apple Blossom is always such fun.

Mr. Plum never speaks happily. He just grumps all day long. “Oh, I’m tired,” he says, and “I’m cold every day. There’s no room to move. Everyone’s in my way.”

If any of the Nubbin children are around to listen, old Mr. Plum grumbles and rumbles until they all go away. If anyone tries to eat a plum off his tree, he plucks it himself and then squinting to see, he throws it their way.

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