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These are children’s educational, adventure-filled books, eBooks and short stories written by Elana B. You can click Buy Now to purchase a copy, or click Sneak Peek to see a preview. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you want to know when new books are released!

King In Counting ChamberToo Terribly Busy

ISBN: Coming Soon

IN A LAND FILLED WITH GOLD AND JEWELS. . . a land filled with laughter and music, there is a beast lurking from within that can destroy it all.

Will the king succumb to the beast? Will the queen recognize the danger before she loses all that she loves? What will happen to the beautiful princess? Will her kingdom be destroyed?

Pre-order the first book in the exciting new children’s educational, adventure-filled series. Complete with magical moments, adventure, life lessons, and a moral to every story, “Too Terribly Busy” is not only educational, it’s a fun read.

Sneak Peek                                     Suitable reading: Grades 2-5


The Petty Prince Cover 3 small The Petty Prince

ISBN: Coming Soon

Throughout life, we all learn lessons. In Cottonville, this is no exception. Prince Peter rules the land as a mean, stingy and uncaring rabbit prince. The rabbits and other creatures of Cottonville call him the Petty Prince.

The Petty Prince thinks he is smart, rich, and better than every creature. But it can be a lonely world when you care for no one but yourself.

How will the rabbits thrive in a land that has such a horrible leader? A young, kindhearted servant of the prince, Miss Betty Bunny, is determined to show the Petty Prince the error of his ways. Will the Petty Prince pay the most expensive price for his actions? What will become of the rabbits of Cottonville? What will become of the Petty Prince?

This children’s educational, advenure-filled story is the first in the “Prince Peter’s” series of books.

Sneak Peak                                Suitable reading: Grades 2-5

My Brother Is a Stinky Brat

ISBN: 978-0-9989354-0-9

Having a brother can be tough. Having a brother who thinks he knows everything is really tough. Having a brother who bothers you all the time is no fun either.  When he acts like a stinky, not very nice, trouble-making brat, would you miss him?

My Brother Is a Stinky Brat has two lessons. The first lesson is the importance of family, even those who frustrate us. The second is that two wrongs do not make things right. Therefore, learning to deal with your problems in a calm, rational way builds better relationships.

Buy Now                                 Suitable reading: Grades 2-5


Three Strikes But I’m Not Out

ISBN: 978-0-9989354-4-7

Having a bad day can be tough. Getting in trouble for things you did not do can make life seem unfair. As a sequel to My Brother Is A Stinky Brat, Three Strikes and I am Not Out is a rhyming poetic look at how a bad day may get worse but can still be turned around with a good attitude and positive intentions.



Buy Now                              Suitable reading: Grades 2-5

pntcoverPumpkin Nubbin Town

ISBN: 978-0-9989354-1-6

Things are a little different in Pumpkin Nubbin Town. Located far away in the Land of Pumpkins, it is home to the Nubbins, playful creatures who sing and bounce while tending to the pumpkin patch. Pumpkin Nubbin Town is also home to talking trees like Old Mr. Oak, who tells stories to little Nubbins. Enjoy this tale about a silly place from the mind of Elana B.

Sneak Peek                             Suitable reading: Grades 1-4

My-Little-Box-of-Sunshine-BMy Little Box of Sunshine

ISBN: Coming Soon

Through simple prose and vivid illustrations, this sentimental and heartwarming book encourages children to think about the positives in life and how important it is to show kindness to others and to oneself.

Things might not go your way all the time but you may be luckier than someone else. My Little Box of Sunshine illustrates the importance of being appreciative for the simple things in life that sometimes we all take for granted.


Coming Soon                              Suitable reading: Grades 2-5


All-About-Dinosaurs-If-You-All About Dinosaurs…If You Care

ISBN: Coming Soon

This educational, fun and poetic story teaches about the varying types of dinosaurs in the  Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods.

Through simple, entertaining prose and vivid illustrations,  “All About Dinosaurs… If  You Care” is not only academically beneficial, it teaches in a fun, creative way about history. Most noteworthy, this children’s book focuses on the three time periods that our earth has evolved through when land was ruled by dinosaurs.


Coming Soon                              Suitable reading: Grades 2-5



ISBN: Coming Soon

Being a teen isn’t easy, but when you discover that your life is based on lies and that the people closest to you have horrible secrets that can destroy lives, Rachel Reneke’s faith in humanity itself is called into question.

Already struggling with trust issues and identity crisis, Rachel is thrust into an adult world that makes her teenage issues and fears seem like child’s play compared to what she is now facing. Trapped is just the beginning of the nightmare.

Trapped is more than a coming-of-age and identity crisis book, it’s damage control and rebuilding in a broken world that you thought only happens in dark and twisted movies.


Coming Soon                     Suitable reading: Young adult to adult



Love You to the Moon and Back COVER draft-1 3x4Love You to the Moon and Back

ISBN: Coming Soon

What’s great about “Love You to the Moon and Back?” It lists all the reasons why you are loved no matter what you do, what you look like, and where you come from.

Throughout life we all learn lessons. Knowing that you have someone in your life who loves you no matter what is important.  It helps build self-esteem and promotes kindness and caring.

Parents: This sweet and loving prose combines love, affection, and unity with the one’s you love. It focuses on the fact that just because you love your child, there will still be consequences for bad behavior; hence, the story is an assurance that no matter what…love is unconditional.

Buy Now                                     Suitable reading: Grades 2-4


Fatal Secrets Temp Cover copyFatal Secrets

ISBN: Coming Soon

Emma Walker has a lot to lose: a doting husband, a beautiful child, a good job and close friends. To most, Emma has the perfect life.

During a cozy weekend getaway, Emma stumbles into a nightmare, and it seems as if she has entered an alternate reality. An unfamiliar face, with undeniable and irrefutable information, reveals a devastating secret about her husband. When Emma confronts her husband, her near perfect life is torn apart and she realizes the world she lived in never existed.

Emma finds herself trying to escape the deception, only to discover that her husband’s lies will not only destroy their once beautiful life together, they may be fatal Secrets for them all.

Based on a true story.
Names, dates, places have been changed for protection.

Coming Soon                                    Suitable reading: Young adult to adult

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