My Brother Is a Stinky Brat


ISBN: 978-0-9989354-0-9

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Having a brother who thinks he knows everything is really tough. Having a brother who bothers you all the time is no fun either. And when he acts like a stinky brat… it is sometimes enough to make you mad. But what if you didn’t have your stinky, not always nice, trouble-maker brother? Would you miss him?

The story has two lessons: first, the importance of family, even those who frustrate us. Second, two wrongs do not make things right; therefore, learning to deal with your problems in a calm, rational way builds better relationships. Suitable reading: Grades 2-5


illus 3 (3) Sitting on Goo and Brat with Rubberband copy

Lousy, no-good, stinky brat.

My brother hangs upside-down like a bat.

He shoots me with his rubber bands.

He steals French fries right from my hand.  

He tricks me with old chewing gum.

When I sit, it sticks right to my bum!

Oh how I would love to pay him back,

But doing so is yet another trap.

Two wrongs can never make a right.

Two wrongs, Mom and Dad say, fuel the fight.

Praise for Elana B.


Elana B. is a talented, insightful and engaging writer who can immerse a reader in any story she is weaving. Her characters simply come to life in a brilliant and realistic way.

B. Little – Book Reviewer – E Weekly

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