Too Terribly Busy Sneak Peak


IN A LAND FILLED WITH Gold and Jewels . . . a land filled with laughter and music, there is a beast lurking from within that can destroy it all. Will the king succumb to the beast?
Will the queen recognize the danger before she loses all that she loves? What will happen to the beautiful princess? Will her kingdom be destroyed?

Order the first book in the exciting new children’s series filled with magical moments, adventure, life lessons and a moral to every story.



Far away, in a land that is steeped in mystery and secrets, lives a beautiful and beloved princess who is on the verge of discovering what is truly important in life. As Princess Lahli begins her journey, there are clues that will affect her future and that of her family and kingdom. Little does the princess know that her story has just begun.

When you learn one great lesson, it opens your eyes to the importance of paying attention to all of life’s lessons. No matter who you are, the choices you make today can affect your tomorrow. Learning to choose your path wisely is tricky, and taking a turn on the wrong path can be treacherous.

Too Terribly Busy is just the beginning.

When Princess Lahli finds herself Too Terribly Curious, she will learn the importance of TRUST and that it really must be earned, no matter who you are.
Too Terribly Curious, The Adventures of Princess Lahli and Fearless Flynn, the second book in the Too Terribly Series of Books, is just around the corner. . .only this corner drops you into another
world where an evil sorcerer is determined to trap Lahli and rid the world of Fearless Flynn.


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