Learn How to Write a Novel


A novel is a world into which a reader disappears for hours at a time, becoming immersed in another world through time and space, awash in a vast array of emotions and human psychology. It’s a world where the reader either becomes one of the characters or identifies with the character and completely loses oneself. The characters become glamorous, or addictive: a gambler living the high-life, an explorer searching for treasure, a mixed-up teenager falling into a life of drugs and living on the edge, a housewife determined to make a life for herself who sneaks off while the kids are in school, a sociopathic nutjob who lives with his mother while tricking young women…

If you’re up for the challenge, we’ll show you how to write a novel to remember and character’s that are hard to forget.

Writing a novel is exciting but it can be laborious at times. It’s a steep climb over hundreds of pages and the work as a whole must be unified, entertaining, and mind-engrossing with a captivating start and a climactic end. Here you will learn the specialized techniques of novel writing and how to market your work.

This course is geared towards:

  • Novice writers who want to write their first novel
  • Experienced nonfiction writers who want to break into fiction

If these traits apply to you, this 6-week class will teach you the best principles to make your writing great.

In the Learn How to Write a Novel Writing Course, students will be taken step-by-step through the long and arduous process of creating long-form fictional literature. This large and intimidating undertaking is broken down into an easily digestible format, as you learn how to come up with a plot, determine a theme, sketch out an outline, and finally, sit down and write!

Learn How to Write a Novel Content:

  • Lessons on how to construct an outline for your novel
  • Tips for creating a plot line that weaves characters and events together
  • Tips for weeding out unneeded content or refining the content to suit the novel
  • Tips on discovering which genre your novel falls under
  • Strategies to defeat writers’ block and reach the finish line

Goal of the Class

Learning to write a novel will help in many aspects of writing, from learning to write a bio for a client or character, to formatting long-form writing, to organizational skills and note-taking skills. The skills acquired are useful for aspiring creative writers, scriptwriters, poets, and authors. Learning to hone your craft will help leave a lasting impression that is important in all aspects of life, personal and business. By the end of this course, you will have the first draft of your own original novel, ready to undergo the publishing process!

Hello fellow writers,

Creative writing classes are not just about learning ways to get our ideas and stories on paper or computer, they are also instrumental in establishing a link to a community of writers.

Writers spend a lot of time alone. The best way to grow as a writer and not fall victim to blocks and isolation, as well as to build a support group, is to seek out others in the writing and creative arts community. We are a family of creative artists and we thrive in the synergistic environment of our peers.

I hope you will sign up for one of our creative writing courses and join our family. We look forward to meeting you!



Class Schedule

Group Classes

Class is currently full. New classes will start in early 2018.

$350 (members)         $550 non-members
Tuesday nights      6:30-9pm    6 weeks

Individual Instruction

N/A at this time.

$700 (members)        $1,000 non-members

Personal arrangements  nights  6:45-9pm  6 weeks

Due to pre-production of a feature film and book promotion for the Too Terribly Busy Series of books, classes will resume in 2018.

On-going Class schedule will be updated in the new year. To become a member and receive a discount, sign up for our mailing list.

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