Movies are stories we all watch for excitement, inspiration and entertainment. The movies have something for everyone to enjoy, with so many genres and types: drama, action/adventure, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy, suspense, horror, crime, epic, western, documentaries, musicals… There are epic blockbusters that launch us into fantastic worlds and down-to-earth dramas with depictions of reality. These tales are told with emotional depth, scintillating and enigmatic excitement and visual imagery we never forget.

In order to thrill and excite and stimulate the senses, a movie isn’t great unless it starts with a great blueprint—the screenplay. With this Screenwriting course you will learn to write a script that is cinematic, dynamic, and dramatic. In addition, you will learn how to market your work to prospective directors and producers.

If you want your work to dazzle a captive audience onscreen, we will show you how to start. With the aid of this course, you will be able to complete a script that has the structure and plot points necessary to help your screenplay light up the big screen.

This course is geared towards:

  • Individuals who love movies and want to write their own
  • Novice writers who want to learn about filmmaking and story structure
  • Experienced writers who need help ‘punching up’ their screenplays

If these traits apply to you, this writing course can and will help you reach your goals.

This course explores different forms of script writing and techniques for all acts of a screenplay (beginning, middle and end). It includes tips on writing an inciting incident, individual plot points, drama, conflict, and resolution. It will help you to formulate new ideas, help you understand the dynamics of screenwriting and script writing, as well how to properly implementat particular plot points. You will learn the form and structure for success when taking this writing course.  Each week you will work on moving your script along and meeting the goals of each act until you have a final script/project of your own, ready for shooting.

Screenwriting and Script Writing Course Content:

  • Beginning your screenplay (for film or television features)
  • Lessons on different styles of script writing, encompassing writing for movies, documentaries, talk shows, news programs, sports programs, and infomercials/infotainment.
  • The paradigm that helps construct a good script
  • Tips for implementing plot points
  • Lessons on creating intrigue
  • Group discussions
  • Producing the full story: Plot, structure, characters, narrative formatting, dialogue
  • Lessons on how to outline your script
  • Tips for creating in-depth characters

There will be a little bit of homework designed to encourage, inspire and stimulate critical thinking. This could involve watching a film or play to discuss the following week. There are a few short exercises done at home, as practice helps you improve and will help you reach your goal in class of completing a script. You’ll receive friendly feedback throughout the course. Students should have a good level of basic written English, as the course won’t focus on grammar or vocabulary.

Goal of the Class

By the time you’ve completed this course, you will have finished a completed first draft of a script or screenplay.

The skills acquired from this screenwriting course aren’t just useful for aspiring scriptwriters; learning formatting and all the points of structure involved is a great skill to develop business and personal writing, along with your communication skills and confidence. Learning to hone your craft to help leave a lasting impression is important in all aspects of life.

Hello fellow writers,

Script writing, screenwriting, and creative writing classes are not just about learning ways to get our ideas and stories on paper or computer. They are also instrumental in establishing a link to a community of writers.

Writers spend a lot of time alone. The best way to grow as a writer and not fall victim to blocks and isolation, as well as to build a support group, is to seek out others in the writing and creative arts community. We are a family of creative artists and we thrive in the synergistic environment of our peers.

I hope you sign up for one of our creative writing courses and join our family. We look forward to meeting you!



Class Schedule

Group Classes – 2017

$450 (members)         $850 non-members

October 2017         Wednesday nights      6:30-8:45pm   9 weeks


Individual Instruction – 2017

$700 (members)        $1,000 non-members

October 2017
(arranged privately)  2 hours  9 weeks

Contact Elana B. to sign up for a writing course. On-going classes for 2018 will be updated in the new year. If you are interested in becoming a member and receiving discounted rates, sign up for our mailing list.

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