Guest Post: Tips On Encouraging Exercise For Kids by Josh Hoerth

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We live in a world that is driven by technology. When we’re confronted with an issue, we use our phones, tablets, or televisions to provide us with the answer. However, no matter how many search engines used, no website or technological resource can match the same influence and educational impact like a parent.

With the summer months approaching, many children and adults sadly think that manipulating the remote on their television or game console will be sufficient for their physical exercise. Maybe this is why the U.S. obesity rate is as high as it is and only looks to continue increasing in the near future. (Source: Center for Disease Control)

What can you do as a parent to fix this? Keep reading to find out!


Actions speak louder than words. Exercise for kids will not only help them but will help you as well; Instead of just explaining what to do, you can take it a step further and engage them directly.

If you have never been athletically inclined, organizing a fitness routine for your children will not only be a life-altering experience for them but for you as well. After all, you don’t have to train for a triathlon in order to improve your health and appearance; all it takes is 20 minutes of walking every day to start seeing results. (Source: The Guardian)

Here are some tips to help you encourage exercise for kids:

Start with an attainable goal

Both you and your child should figure out a reasonable goal and write it down together. If you feel that both of you could afford to lose a few pounds, figure out a reasonable timeframe in which to accomplish it. Don’t jump right into an intense physical fitness routine, start light and slow. The weight won’t go away within a day, and you definitely don’t want your child to develop low self-esteem from failing to reach their goals. A great way to promote fitness for kids that is both positive and firm is to say something like “We are going to make good decisions in what we eat,” and “this is a goal we are going to stick with.”

Show enthusiasm

If you’re not motivated, what makes you think your child will be?

Children are more perceptive than they may let on. When planning an exercise for kids, it won’t work if you try and force them to be motivated if you are clearly not. Positive energy feeds off of positive energy, so get excited about setting a goal and following through with it. Any physical routine has to become a normal aspect of you and your child’s everyday life in order to be successful.

Keep a consistent schedule


The best time to plan fitness for kids is during the summer because it’s much easier to stick with a routine when a busy school schedule won’t interfere. However, even while on vacation it can be easy to quickly get off schedule because of so many additional activities. If you and your child stick with a schedule, accomplishing your goals will be much easier.

Don’t be afraid of failure

So what should you do if you or your child fail to reach your goal?

It’s ok to have setbacks. Use these moments as a time to recharge. This is a good time to go over your goals and re-assess them to make sure they are attainable. Injuries, illness and other unforeseen setbacks may ultimately be a good thing. Sure, no one looks forward to getting sick or hurt. However, moments like these can alert you to physical problems in you or your child that you were unaware of when you were so busy. The most important thing to do if you fail to reach your goal is to try again: it only counts as a failure if you give up.

Reward yourself and your child

When you have reached a level that you wanted to get to, it’s time to celebrate! Treat yourself and your child to a cheat meal; you won’t get to do this every day, so make sure it’s something that the both of you really love. How often to reward yourself is up to you. Once a week is okay if you treat yourself to something light like frozen yogurt, but once a month is better for larger treats. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

When it comes to exercise for kids, the most important thing to remember is that you are the biggest influence your child can have. Engaging with your child outside and away from the screen can result in benefits for both of you: not only to your health but to your perspective on life, school, your career and your goals for the future.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exercising!



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