Guest Post: Health Benefits of Valentine’s Day by Mike Valverde

This guest post comes from me, Mike Valverde! I help run things behind the scenes here at and wanted to share some interesting Valentine’s Day healthy benefits that can be gained from common romantic gestures. In case you’re feeling guilty about indulging in treats this holiday, keep these facts in mind. If you’re interested in reading more positive lifestyle tips, you can read all of our health-related articles right here!



Chocolate gets a bad rap from many doctors and dieticians. This has mostly to do with the fact that the most popular form of chocolate, milk chocolate, is very high in sugar. However, one form of chocolate that can make your Valentine’s Day healthy is dark chocolate made with higher amounts of cacao.

While dark chocolate still has a large amount of fat, it’s also rich in important vitamins and minerals such as iron and potassium. Dark chocolate also contains high amounts of antioxidants which can help reduce the risk of heart disease in the body. Finally, scientific studies have even linked the consumption of dark chocolate with improved brain functioning, meaning that it can improve mental health and counteract some effects of aging! (Source: US National Library of Medicine)



What’s Valentine’s Day without a few glasses of wine? While it’s true that excessive consumption of wine and other alcoholic substances can have severe effects on your heart, liver, and waistline, moderation is key. It’s common wisdom that a glass of red wine a day can have positive effects on your heart; this is due to a substance contained in red wine called resveratrol.

The way that resveratrol improves heart functionality is by reducing bad cholesterol, also known as LDL cholesterol, in the body. This helps reduce the risk of inflammation and can lower blood pressure. In addition to these cardiovascular benefits, studies have also discovered that this key ingredient of red wine can even counteract aging-related diseases such as type-2 diabetes!

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Of course, no Valentine’s Day is complete without some lovely flowers. Surprising your loved one with a dozen red roses or some beautiful chrysanthemums is sure to brighten their day, and there’s strong scientific evidence to prove it! The mere presence of flowers in a living space has been linked to reduced stress levels and increased cognitive functioning.

What you may not know is that flowers aren’t just for looking at; they can be consumed for positive health benefits as well! No, this doesn’t mean you should take a bite out of your bouquet; instead, try making some tea out of flower-derived substances. Rosehips are high in Vitamin C and can help to treat coughs and colds, and chrysanthemums can help the digestive and circulatory systems.

If you’re looking to make this Valentine’s Day healthy, look no further than the time-tested classics. It’s important to not overdo things like wine and chocolate, but a little bit can go a long way toward improving your physical and mental health. Thanks for reading and be sure to sign up for our Mailing List to learn about new articles and projects from Elana B!

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