Highlight: Managing Holiday Weight Gain

christmas-cookies-1886760_960_720Every year when the holiday season rolls around, families and loved ones gather together around the dinner table to share in tidings of comfort and joy. While the meals that accompany Christmas and Hannukah are delicious and full of love, they can also cause the unintended side effect of holiday weight gain. If you’re worried about your waistline this December, take a look at these health-related articles by Elana B!

First, some knowledge about common food substances that can lead to holiday weight gain:

Medical Conditions and Triglycerides

Holiday foods that are excessively oily or sugary can contain high amounts of triglycerides. This article discusses some common food sources of this harmful substance as well as some potential health risks associated with it.

Cholesterol…The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

While certain types of cholesterol are a healthy component of a balanced diet, other forms can lead to health concerns such as holiday weight gain. This article provides comprehensive information about what cholesterol is, what forms it comes in, and what it can do to your body.

medical-563427_960_720Now that you know about dangerous food substances, here are some articles discussing potential health conditions that can arise from excessive consumption:

What is Atherosclerosis?

Consuming too much cholesterol, calcium or fats can lead to atherosclerosis, also known as clogged arteries. This article covers this condition in great detail: how it’s caused, what it does, and some ways to prevent it.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes that is often self-inflicted. This article provides valuable information into what this condition does to your body and how to prevent it.

Finally, here are some articles discussing ways to combat holiday weight gain and prevent negative health conditions!physiotherapy-595529_960_720

Get Fit with 30 Minutes a Day of Physical Activity

A great way to start on your path to better health is through daily exercise. This article goes over some basic exercise routines that are perfect for beginners and can be done in a half hour or less.

9 Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

In addition to being a potent weight loss strategy, exercising regularly can have many other positive effects on the body. Here are 9 terrific examples!


Hopefully, the information contained in these articles will help you to prevent holiday weight gain while still enjoying the holiday season! If you’re interested in reading more, you can check out our News and Events page to see all of our newest posts. Signing up for our Mailing List is another great way to stay in the loop. Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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